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Time to forget this loss and bounce back

What can you say, Cliff Lee pitched a great game and hat’s off to him. He had good stuff and it showed. He was pounding the strike zone and we couldn’t do anything about it. Hard to get down against anybody especially him, he goes deep into games.

I mean, they did everything that we didn’t do. They out-pitched us, they out-hit, they did it all. It was one of those games. I won’t say you laugh about it, but we’ve got another game tomorrow and we can tie it at 2-2. We got worked tonight. We bounce back from things like this really quick. Come 8 o’clock tomorrow we’ll be a much different club.

This was just one of those games you’ve got to forget about. We face Blanton and we can just tie the series again. I don’t know what’s up with the offense, but we just faced two tough pitchers in Pedro and Lee and they got the best of us the last two games and we still won one of the game. We just didn’t have it today and they came out today and really out-hit us.

I’m not hitting the ball that well right now. But I’m going out there, playing hard. We know how to play. No pressure. We’ve got Randy going tomorrow and he always gives us a good chance to win a game. We’ve just got to keep fighting. That’s how we do it, keep fighting all the way.