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We still have a lot of fight left

Twenty seven outs, man. Twenty seven outs.

Until that last pitch, I was happy. We had played a very good game. That’s how baseball is. You gotta play 27 outs. Rollins hit a pretty good pitch and that’s just what happens. He hit the spot and Jimmy just threw his hands and squared the ball up. When it was hit, I knew it was the game. He put it in a perfect spot, that’s just the way it is.

We got to come back on Wednesday and we gotta fight and keep on pushing. We got practice tomorrow and we got to go about our business. We still have a lot of fight left, I really believe that. I know when it’s time to play a game, we’ll be ready. We need a win to take it back to L.A. It hurts right now. It happens to the best of us. We’re going to try to ride this thing out.

This game was just shocking. That team is so much like us, it’s kind of crazy. A very similar team as far as hitting. They never give up. They keep fighting. It’s crazy, same thing happened to us last year. Then it was a home run, but it’s just crazy what’s happened to us here.

All we can do is win three in a row. Hopefully we can go home happy, down 3-2. We get it back to L.A., I think we have a good chance. I really do.