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Time to chill before Game 3

In the clubhouse now — our workout just ended and I’m watching the OU-Texas game. It’s looking bad now for my OU boys. Five turnovers, terrible. And they’re still trying to run the ball — negative 14 yards in the fourth quarter. We need to go to something else. It’s not working. They’ve got a young buck in their QB. Bradford hurt himself. It’s not looking good right now. This is the most sloppy OU game I’ve seen in a long time.
This is what we do on Saturday, chill around, watch some footbal before we play. Everybody is watching their team play — no one around here has Texas. George Sherrill and myself are OU fans. No Texas boys here. Clayton Kershaw likes Texas Tech.

OU, they’re making a lot of mistakes today. You can’t make mistakes and expect to win, that goes for football and it goes for baseball. We haven’t made too many mistakes and we can’t afford to if we’re going to win this series. Let them make the mistakes and we’ve got to capitalize on them.

Fans here, they’re rowdy man. Just like we had on our side in L.A., their fans are loud, too — just as loud as our fans. Fans can make it hard. I don’t know if it’s pressure, but it might rattle you a little bit. We know how to go into it. Last year, I think the Phillies found ways to win and it wasn’t about the fans. The outcome was always in their favor. This year, it’s different. What happened last year makes us want it even more this year.

We need to score quick, what we did in St. Louis and what we did in Chicago last year. With Philadelphia, you’ve got to keep scoring. Look at them yesterday. They scored one run, but they didn’t keep scoring and we stayed close and won it late.

The weather, I don’t think it will be that bad. We have to play in it and they have to play in it. They’re not really used to it any more than we are, maybe a little earlier in the year. Once you get moving around, you don’t worry about the weather, you just worry about the win. So, tonight I’m going to get some dinner, watch the South Carolina-Alabama game and go about my business. We’ve got a lot of time to chill until the game tomorrow night.