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Keeping our heads up

Kempblog.jpgWhen I left the stadium, some of my friends, we talked a little bit about the game, not too much. It’s good to talk about it. A little surprised, a little shocked. Grabbed something to eat at some diner near the hotel. It took a little while to fall asleep. I was in shock more than anything. It was like, I couldn’t believe it, did that really happen? We’ve been on the other side before, so we know how it feels to lose and we know how it feels to win.

Joe had a meeting before we went out to the field and just told us to take it one game at a time. You got to win one to win two, got to win two to win three. It’s a one-game series for us, that’s how we have to think. We get back home, I like our chances, I like the way we play there.

Our mood is good, man. I’m going to check out a haunted house tonight, supposed to be pretty scary. Can’t sit in the room all night and just think about last night’s game. Sleep in a little bit tomorrow, get some food, chill out. Same routine, nothing’s going to change.  Everybody has faith in us. My friends tell me to keep your head up. This is the right team to come back from 3 to 1. I’m good. I’d be way more looser if it was 2-2 going into tomorrow, because we hit Cole pretty good the first time we played him. But this is just something we have to deal with and fight through it.