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We still have a lot of fight left

Twenty seven outs, man. Twenty seven outs.

Until that last pitch, I was happy. We had played a very good game. That’s how baseball is. You gotta play 27 outs. Rollins hit a pretty good pitch and that’s just what happens. He hit the spot and Jimmy just threw his hands and squared the ball up. When it was hit, I knew it was the game. He put it in a perfect spot, that’s just the way it is.

We got to come back on Wednesday and we gotta fight and keep on pushing. We got practice tomorrow and we got to go about our business. We still have a lot of fight left, I really believe that. I know when it’s time to play a game, we’ll be ready. We need a win to take it back to L.A. It hurts right now. It happens to the best of us. We’re going to try to ride this thing out.

This game was just shocking. That team is so much like us, it’s kind of crazy. A very similar team as far as hitting. They never give up. They keep fighting. It’s crazy, same thing happened to us last year. Then it was a home run, but it’s just crazy what’s happened to us here.

All we can do is win three in a row. Hopefully we can go home happy, down 3-2. We get it back to L.A., I think we have a good chance. I really do.

Time to forget this loss and bounce back

What can you say, Cliff Lee pitched a great game and hat’s off to him. He had good stuff and it showed. He was pounding the strike zone and we couldn’t do anything about it. Hard to get down against anybody especially him, he goes deep into games.

I mean, they did everything that we didn’t do. They out-pitched us, they out-hit, they did it all. It was one of those games. I won’t say you laugh about it, but we’ve got another game tomorrow and we can tie it at 2-2. We got worked tonight. We bounce back from things like this really quick. Come 8 o’clock tomorrow we’ll be a much different club.

This was just one of those games you’ve got to forget about. We face Blanton and we can just tie the series again. I don’t know what’s up with the offense, but we just faced two tough pitchers in Pedro and Lee and they got the best of us the last two games and we still won one of the game. We just didn’t have it today and they came out today and really out-hit us.

I’m not hitting the ball that well right now. But I’m going out there, playing hard. We know how to play. No pressure. We’ve got Randy going tomorrow and he always gives us a good chance to win a game. We’ve just got to keep fighting. That’s how we do it, keep fighting all the way.

Relaxed, all tied and ready for Philly fans

We came to the park today, you couldn’t tell what happened last night. That’s the way we’ve been all year. If something doesn’t go our way, we forget about it. We came in relaxed today. We haven’t let anything get to us all year, we weren’t going to let that game get to us. We don’t let anything rattle us.

kempbloggggg.jpgNow it’s 1-1 and now we go to Philly. We know there will be a hostile crowd, so we have to keep the same momentum as we had today. It was kind of cool to see Kobe there today by the batter’s box, an NBA champion wearing an L.A. hat like that, it got me pumped. The fans were great. They know how we can come back, they know the kind of club we are and how we’re always in the game.

Andre, what a great at-bat that was with the shadow and a tough lefty. Andre didn’t get a hit today but he helped the team win. Better than a hit. Pedro had us a bit off-balance, but we got him out of the game and got to their bullpen and won the game. Hat’s off the Pedro, he pitched an excellent game, we just got there at the end. We’ve been like that all year, we just keep on pushing to the end of the game.

Padilla was huge today. He kept it close so we could come back. And in that inning, we just grind it out. They made an error and we took advantage. ‘Dre had a great at-bat. That’s the thing about us. I struck out, ‘Dre picked me up. It’s been like that all year, the guy behind me or the guy ahead of me, we pick each other up. We’ve got a lot of fight in us. With ‘Dre, there’s always something special going to happen. Coming into the playoffs he wasn’t swinging that good, now he’s come alive. He’s a big reason why we are where we are.

Time to get down to business


It’s time to play baseball. We had four days off to get our legs under us. We were still working hard, lifting weights, taking batting practice in the cage, watching video. Everything we had to do to prepare for the games. We’re excited and ready to go. Tomorrow is another big day, we’ve got four tough pitchers to face, and hopefully we’ll have the same approach and same outcome as when we faced the Cardinals.

Once we got home, I’ve been hanging out with a friend, he’s an R&B singer – Tank – I’m sure everybody knows who he is. We kind of celebrated, had some good seafood and caught a Clippers game with my people, and got to see Blake Griffin play for the first time and I was excited about that. Baron Davis and Rasual Butler were excited for us. Baron Davis comes to a lot of our games and he loves baseball and he told me it’s time for us to win a championship. Other than that, just been chillin’ out and letting my body rest. I feel good, no flu for me like some of the guys and I’m staying away from everybody, washing my hands a million times. No shaking hands, just a little tap.

I’m looking forward to playing back in our home. We believe it really is a home-field advantage. It’s tough playing in Philly but it’s tough for a visiting team playing here. Our fans are rowdy and with white towels they’ll be waving. I hope they’ll be more crazy and loud than when we played St. Louis. The fans are definitely a factor. When you have great fans, it makes you more confident. I’m not going to say it scares the other team, but maybe it’s a little rattling with all the noise. We’ll see how that works.

Popping champagne

101010.jpgWe came in as underdogs and had to prove everybody wrong. And that was a really good team we had to beat. They sent three great pitchers out there. And we proved we can beat No. 1 starters. We’re feeling really good about ourselves right now and we got to take it to the next round.

Tonight it looks like Manny’s gotten going. He looks good at the plate, he’s driving in runs. When you see that, you know we’re going to have a good game. I think we’re better this year than last year. Like me, I didn’t have a good game at the plate. But ‘Dre picked me up and Manny picked me up. We’re a better team this year because we’ve got guys to pick up other guys.

People say we don’t have real good pitching. I don’t know, our pitching was pretty good in this series. And Raffy, he brought his A game. So it’s a whole different team than last year. That’s why we’ve been talking since the beginning of the year that we expect big things.

So we’re popping champagne in the clubhouse tonight, but we still have a long road, we’ve still got eight games to win. We’re going crazy in here right now and I hope our fans are going crazy, popping champagne and waving the towels and I hope they’re ready to go to the stadium Thursday, because our fans are one of the big reasons why it’s so hard for other teams to come to L.A. and play the Dodgers.

We’re loose … the pressure is on them

Man, can you believe that game last night? I mean, we’re still talking about it in here. It was amazing. For me, it was the most exciting game I’ve ever been a part of. When the game ended, I went straight for Mark Loretta. I was on the middle of the top step (of the dugout). I knew something good was going to happen. I had a feeling. And Loretta got that hit and I went for Loretta.

We were all surprised what happened to Matt Holliday, dropping the ball. We still thought we had a chance to win. Around the stadium, they made posters of us, talking about the comeback kids. And things like that really showed we keep fighting till the end and never give up and we got the win.

It carried over to the plane a little bit, but then everybody did their thing, maybe a game of cards or a movie or whatever they do on a plane, because it’s a regular plane ride and we still have one more game to win and it’s not going to be easy. Definitely not easy with the offense and pitching that team has. It’s two good teams going at it. All we got to do is keep the same approach of the first two games and make the pitcher work and keep them from scoring.

We’re loose today, just like when the playoffs began. It’s a little rainy today and you get a little sluggish, but we’ll be up for the game. The pressure’s not on us, it’s on them. Now I’m going out to eat with O-Dog and Loney and chill. Maybe we’ll watch the Angels game. My boy Torii went deep yesterday. I was watching on the plane and was pretty excited about that. He was pretty pumped about that. I shot him a text. Told him to pull this thing off and try to make it a little L.A. thing. That would be exciting.

Nothing we do surprises me

We’ve been doing this all year, you know that. We’ve been coming back all year. It shows the character of our team. Now that’s two wins and one to go. It shows we can beat the best pitchers in the league and we definitely proved that the past two days and we got another tough pitcher on St. Louis and hope we can wrap it up Saturday.

I’m sure for the opposing side, it’s hard to play, but it pumps us up. Now we have to go there and listen to their crowd. We just have to be relaxed and grind out and get the job done.

Nothing we do surprises me. We’ve come back a lot this year. We showed we never give up. It’s hard to beat a team like that.

Ninth inning, we thought we had a chance. We got to their bullpen and got it done.  I gotta say, the ball off Loney’s bat, I thought it was over. But you never know, with all the towels waving. It was tough to see off the bat out there. And when it was over, on the field it was awesome, man.

I don’t want to get too excited, but at that moment that was the most exciting moment of my life in baseball right there. It feels good, man. Really, you can’t describe it. That was the loudest I’ve ever heard a crowd at Dodger Stadium.

We have a great chance of going far

I’m definitely excited to be in this position again. Last year, nobody expected us to get as far as we did. Now I’m excited to get back and this year we want to get even further and make it to the World Series. That’s the main goal, after all the hard work all year and we’re in the playoffs with a chance to do some big things.

We’re having fun and getting ready for the big day. Everybody’s excited and can’t wait till tomorrow and we’ll see those playoff rags waving in the stands. This year, I think we’re more ready than last year; we have the experience and know what we need to do and what we’re capable of doing. We just need to play the way we played to win 95 games and carry it over to the playoffs and win the whole thing.

Maybe they’re favored, but last year we were underdogs and did so well. They have great pitching, that’s probably why they’re favored. I’m sure on paper that everybody picks them over us. We’re definitely a team that’s hard to beat and they’re coming into Dodger Stadium and it’s going to be a crazy territory and it will be hard for them to come in here and dominate us. You play the game right and not make mistakes and the best team is going to win. As long as we cut down on errors and running mistakes and work pitchers, we have a great chance of going far.

Now, I’m going home and relax, like a day off. I just want to clear my mind and not think too much or you can drive yourself crazy. I’ll go out to eat, maybe see a movie, something to have fun. You don’t want to get too riled up. You want to go into the game relaxed. I don’t want to drive myself crazy. I used to put too much on myself. I’ll try not to think about it until I get to the stadium.. And when I get there, it’ll be the same routine as 162 games this year. Eat, listen to music, goof around, nothing going to change. It’s still a baseball game.