A great atmosphere for Game 1

kempG1homer.jpgWe were loose before the game, just like any game. Everybody was listening to music, laid back, getting their work in. Just chillin’. Then when the game started, we definitely felt good and it showed when we came out. And when we scored after they scored, the momentum shifted, the crowd fed off that, and we fed off the crowd.

It was a great atmosphere tonight, I mean with the towels waiving, the fans going crazy. That first inning was a big reversal and we fed off it and never looked back after that.

On that popup that fell in the first, I was playing a little deeper on Ryan Ludwick, he’s swinging hard, and it was one of those in a perfect position. If I dove for the ball, me and Ronnie Belliard were so close, it was too late to call him off. We were both right there. It was just in a perfect spot. But then Rafael Furcal hits a line drive when we come up. You know, he really does well against Cardinals, I think he has their number. He gets on and he makes things happen. You saw that tonight.

Now tomorrow, we just have to do the same thing with the same approach. We got to Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright is the same, he’ll throw strikes. We just need to play the way we did tonight. As a team, all around, we were just about perfect, we did everything right today except that we could have scored more runs.

So, I’m out now, going straight home because we’ve got a quick comeback tomorrow. We still got a game to win, you know. In fact, we’ve got 10 games to win.


  1. steadfast

    Great game! So nervous watching it! That you didn’t even mention your own awesome home run and complimented your team mates is pretty humble and shows what the team this year is about: A collective effort. That’s why the team with out the Cy young or MVP candidates is going to win the series! 10 more!

  2. nellyjune

    That was some shot into centerfield tonight Matt!!!!! Thanks for getting things started for a game that ended very well for us bleeding blue Dodger fans. It certainly silenced the ESPN crowd, and their east coast bias, for the time being. That is what this Dodger team has done all year………….prove many, many people wrong. Keep doing what you are doing, along with the rest of this truly awesome Dodgers team, and THIS team will see a WS Ring in 2009.

  3. gregattack

    You and the rest of the BIG BLUE WRECKIN’ CREW looked goooood tonight. That’s what I’m talkin’ about, hey, maybe Wolf doesn’t have his best stuff, but like I said before, you stay and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Up and down the lineup, everyone put their work in.

    I was there tonight and I’ll be there tomorrow ready to see you take down the Cards again.

    It takes 25 people to win these games and you and your team exemplify that. These other teams may have MVPs and Cy Youngs, but all of you will be the Lord of the Rings!WAR KEMP! WAR DODGERS!

  4. delcarbon

    I agree with steadfast on your non-mention of your HR. Truly classy. It was however, the big game changer, momentum-wise, and sent us into a frenzy. You guys were hitting like gangbusters out there. I give the St. Louis pitching credit for not completely falling apart, though. Waino is gonna be tough, but I know Kid K can keep the pace long enough to get into the bullpen war. That’s exactly where we want them. Good luck to you and the rest of the team. Tell Furcal he was my fantasy stud the last few weeks and got me the championship (along with Carpenter, believe it or not). Oh and the next time I see Dre back here in Chandler, he better have his WS ring on. Go Blue!

  5. stevedavesteve

    You the man Matt…I stayed up til 1245AM here in Maryland but having to get up at 0430 I had to sleep and trust the bullpen to close it out. Keep with the opposite field approach and all you guys will be fine. I let out a yell when you hit that moonshot. I feel like some magic this postseason so just keep it up and don’t let down…

  6. erc338@yahoo.com

    Congratulations Mr. Kemp and Dodger Blue! Great swing-of-the-bat! How do you like the Black Sabbath tune?

    Living in Dallas now, so TBS is doing it for me here.

    I was just thinking the same thing—10 more wins as I picked up the morning paper around 3:30 pacific. Your right the fans were in to it!!! So Cal, we need that INTENSITY!!

    I’m glad you feel loose and happy. Stay positive and remain FOCUSED. Tell all the blue crew for me too! ITS PLAYOFF TIME!!! I’m watching and recording in HD, baby!

  7. trublu4ever

    Matt ~ great way for you and the rest of our Boys in Blue to shut those ESPN experts up……..let’s do it again today! DODGER BLUE THRU & THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. chocmalt

    Matt, that homer really got the crowd roaring! I was there, and the sound was deafening! I am so glad to know all the screaming, hooting, and hollering moves you guys! You have to know we’re the best fans in the world! I’m dragging my rear to work this morning, but it was so worth it! I’ll be listening in on the radio today! You guys are going to get to them again! You’re on your way to the WS, and we’re gonna back you every step of the way! GO BLUE!

  9. blckbyrd27

    Great game. Keep up the great work Dodgers. #27 turn your swag on and get out there and do what you do. You got this.

  10. cpompe1

    Hey Matty!!!
    I wasn’t able to see the entire game – actually, not even most of the game. But I saw your bomb in the 1st and the end of the game last night! I know you’re talented as heck, but what continues to amaze me is when I see you swing and get a HR, the swing doesn’t even “look” like a HR swing. It’s just an easy, fluid swing with A LOT of carry to it! Even on a kinda damp night like last night! I love watching you play! I’ll be there for the game today!!!


  11. heartruss

    Congratulations on winning Game One. Your 2 run homerun was so exciting..it made us fans even more excited!!
    We will be there cheering you on.
    Also thanks for starting this blog. That way we can stay informed about your feelings about postseason.
    See you later today and let them know who #1 in in St Louis. They will never look down on us again after you Dodgers beat Chris Carpenter!!
    GO DODGERS!!! Love Cat

  12. lizette.corral@cbre.com

    Wow….great game last night Matt….that a baby!!!! Awesome homerun…..can’t wait to see more. Go Blue!!!

  13. thinkingblu

    way to go last night matty! just as last night we’ll be there again today to have your back, we have all the confidence in you guys and know you can do it! get at ’em matty, time for BEAST MODE!!!

  14. chillicat

    I know I already said it, but bravo on last night!! got my #27 shirt on today. šŸ™‚ Hope you guys have an awesome game!!!

  15. kayinla2u

    I BELIEVE!!!

    Thank you, Beasts in Blue, we are proud of you.
    I enjoy the stunned silence from the naysayers too.


  16. westwinner

    Superstar Matty!!!!!!!

    I don’t think anyone hits center field home runs as good as you! You make it look so easy. Your swing is so fluid! First pitch HR too!

    Anyways, it is BEAST MODE tonight! If you can beat Carpenter? C’mom… šŸ™‚
    Congrats on your impressive HR!!!

  17. blueeyedgal

    Matt, thanks for stopping to jot down these words and give us a taste of what it’s like for you guys!

    And YOU ROCK for that homer — bet you’ll get another before the end of October!

    I remember my first game — I’d been listening to the radio for years, but I live several hours away. Aunt took me to a game in SD on June 14, 06. You’re up to bat. I tell my aunt, “You know, this kid’s just come up from the minors, but he’s been hitting up a storm. Betcha he hits a HR here.”

    And you did. Right over centerfield. Go Matt!

    It’s been so fun watching you grow into the player you are!

  18. fan7

    What’s Up Matty? Other than you guys in Blue Wow! I have believed in the Dodgers all year. Go for it guys! You have it, the pitching, hitting, and D. Take it! Your fans are behind you 100%. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

  19. fan7

    What’s Up Matty? Other than you guys in Blue Wow! I have believed in the Dodgers all year. Go for it guys! You have it, the pitching, hitting, and D. Take it! Your fans are behind you 100%. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

  20. fan7

    What’s Up Matty? Other than you guys in Blue Wow! I have believed in the Dodgers all year. Go for it guys! You have it, the pitching, hitting, and D. Take it! Your fans are behind you 100%. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

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