Time to get down to business


It’s time to play baseball. We had four days off to get our legs under us. We were still working hard, lifting weights, taking batting practice in the cage, watching video. Everything we had to do to prepare for the games. We’re excited and ready to go. Tomorrow is another big day, we’ve got four tough pitchers to face, and hopefully we’ll have the same approach and same outcome as when we faced the Cardinals.

Once we got home, I’ve been hanging out with a friend, he’s an R&B singer – Tank – I’m sure everybody knows who he is. We kind of celebrated, had some good seafood and caught a Clippers game with my people, and got to see Blake Griffin play for the first time and I was excited about that. Baron Davis and Rasual Butler were excited for us. Baron Davis comes to a lot of our games and he loves baseball and he told me it’s time for us to win a championship. Other than that, just been chillin’ out and letting my body rest. I feel good, no flu for me like some of the guys and I’m staying away from everybody, washing my hands a million times. No shaking hands, just a little tap.

I’m looking forward to playing back in our home. We believe it really is a home-field advantage. It’s tough playing in Philly but it’s tough for a visiting team playing here. Our fans are rowdy and with white towels they’ll be waving. I hope they’ll be more crazy and loud than when we played St. Louis. The fans are definitely a factor. When you have great fans, it makes you more confident. I’m not going to say it scares the other team, but maybe it’s a little rattling with all the noise. We’ll see how that works.


  1. jennifer@yourrealtorpro.com

    It’s on Matt! We’ll be louder than ever! I am so excited I hope I can sleep! I can’t imagine how you guys feel! I want you to know that you AND the dodgers have provided us with a GREAT season and it’s not over! I want you to know that watching the games with my daughter by my side smiling at me as we watch you guys is pure Heaven for me! We love the Dodgers and it’s a PURE love for the game and for the DODGERS! I have been a fan my whole life, now my daughter is so hard core and I am so proud! THANK YOU Matt for ALL the memories…. NOW GO GET US THE WORLD SERIES and make DODGER FANS PROUD!

  2. jennifer@yourrealtorpro.com

    Oh and I forgot to mention that my daughter and I constatntly argue over Who’s “Man” you are! LOL I say you are MY man and she says your hers! LOL It’s adorable! You are our FAVORITE Dodger no matter WHO’s man you are !
    Let’s Go Dodgers … clap clap clap clap clap!

  3. gregattack

    Kicking *** is your business and business is good…

    Kobe’s right, this city needs to be painted it’s true color, we need some DODGER BLUE flowing through the streets. You know what you’re capable of and you proved it to the world against the cards, but there are still the naysayers trying to keep LA down. No worries though, earning your praise is always better than having it automatically given to you. Get ready philly, here comes the BIG BLUE WRECKIN’ CREW!


  4. chillicat

    Hi Matt,
    We know you guys are all ready to bring it tomorrow!!! So excited to watch the game tomorrow night… Please send our best to the guys who are sick… hope they get well soon!!! 🙂
    Go get ’em!!!
    Take care,

  5. bluenalu

    Go GET SOME Matt…
    You guys rock, Long or small ball…I’m sure every Dodger will bring the “A” game. This team has it in them and the Phillies and there fans will just be seeing BLUE all day long.

  6. joe-baca@hotmail.com

    Matt hey brutha the big three Dre, Manny, You are the going to smash this league championship I feel it. know it!!!

    As for you watching how the phils handled you this year majority of pitches up low away breaking balls in first pitches.. you got behind a lot with them I think if you are patient first two pitches they will be in trouble trying to get you early swinging. Like Dre same thing except inside fastball up and in break inside as well. same goes for him! Manny has same but we shall see with him hot if they are willing to keep challenging in the strike zone!

    Anywho MATT you are the WILDCARD you play YOUR game we have a shot to dominate. You stay confident try to guess so much at the plate treat these games like your back playing high school or little league same game it not an easy game but a easy game to have to have fun! I wud say THIRD pitch is yours! Swing away! I am here is AZ but you will hear us game time all the way over here! Go get EM!


  7. joe-baca@hotmail.com

    Sorry had some typos…

    meant Fastballs up

    I meant try NOT to guess so much…. But you guys are the pros you know what to do more than me obviously, thats why you are there… I am just trying to support you guys! I wanna see our outfielders with the usual post game jump celebration hip checks!!!!

  8. fan7

    Hey Matty,

    Go get those Phils tonight and have a great game. I am so-o-o excited to watch the game, and see Dodger Blue win the first game! Have a great series Matty, you and the others deserve it. You are my favorite player, and I know you will give 100% your best. We know there will be great hitting, pitching, and D. Thanks for making the game so exciting! God bless you all night and through the series.

    GB Girl!

  9. trublu4ever

    My best to you and the rest of the team as we take the next step in our quest to win the World Series. I will be cheering from home loudly, as always………….GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. laluv562@yahoo.com

    Matty, tv coverage kept mentioning the great St. Louis fans yet when their team got down the crowd silenced but I recall the 06 beatdown by the Mets when Dodger fans never let up and we never do. Now everyone is talking about how crazy the Philly fans are and Hamels even said something to the effect of Dodger fans getting to the games late, leaving early, and not sporting their team gear like Philly fans. Matt you know we represent Monday through Sunday and ESPECIALLY during the playoffs so make mention in the media for us about how everyone outside of L.A. bashes on L.A. fans but the Dodgers know how loud and loyal we truly are….. GO BLUE!!!!

  11. Dodger4life

    THE FANS OF L.A. WILL BE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TO USHER IN A VICTORY TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. dallas_dodgergirl

    Hey Matty! I saw the pictures of you at the Clipper game, looked like fun, it’s cool that you guys support each others’ sports. Saw u with LeToya Luckett too 😉
    Anyways don’t you worry about us fans, we are ready to be LOUD and ROWDY through every inning. We will be waving our towels and cheering for our boys in blue! We love you guys and I can’t wait to see you and the rest of the team Friday!


  13. jerseyhitman

    A big Yankee fan here and we are rooting for a Yankees vs Dodgers World Series out here. Want to see Joe Torre and Don Mattingly in the new Yankee Stadium. Love the Dodgers young talent; Eithier, Billingsly. Cershaw and of course you. Good luck, have a great series and look forward to seeing you guys here in NY in a few weeks!

  14. kristin.leduff@yahoo.com


    Keep doing what you’ve BEEN DOING all season. The one thing about this Dodgers squad is your RESILIENCY! No matter what setback or hurdle, the guys have ALWAYS stepped up & gotten the job done! Remember, this is just a regular game–no different–nothing’s changed, you still have 9 innings to play your butt off. For now, THIS is the only game that matters.
    Dodger fans will come to represent — no worries there, WE GOT YOU — so be prepared to get revved up, let your immense talent guide you and the roar of BLUE fans carry that momentum to a W!
    From the lockers to the field…BEAST MODE all day long!
    I know you’ll have a fantastic game…and most of all, HAVE FUN!

    Kristin xo

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