Ready to bounce back in a big way

It was kind of frustrating the way we hit the ball tonight. We worked their starter and got him out of the game and had a good chance of winning. We probably should have scored more runs. They got the key hits and walks in big situations. We played pretty well, that’s just the way baseball is. We have to come back tomorrow with the same swag and do it over again.

blakkkkkeblog.jpgIt was a battle of the bullpens. We hit, they hit. They just won tonight. You can’t just score one run and think you can beat them. I’m not worried about Clayton Kershaw, he just lost his groove for a second. He’ll bounce back and do even better than he did tonight.

I like the way we kept coming back. We don’t ever give up. That’s the mentality that had us win 95 games and we have to have the same mentality tomorrow and try to get a win. I like our chances with Vicente Padilla. He pitched well in St. Louis. We’ve just got to hit the ball and get some runs for him.

The Phillies haven’t changed a bit. They find ways to win, like we do. We’ve got to find a way to get more wins than them.



    That was quite the battle tonight.

    Proud of the way you guys kept it going.

    There’s lots of fans here in Vegas rooting for ya!!! :]

    We’ll all be watching tomorrow.

    Good Luck!

  2. mariakemp1



    we’ll gett’em tomorrow!! lets not forget its best of 7!! 1 game means nothing!!! matt! u need to start using ur twitter!! MATT KEMP IS MY HOMIE!!! DODGERS ALL DAAAAY!!! cant wait for tomorrow!! we’re getting that W!!

  4. true2dodgerblue

    What a great game it was! You guys fought hard and the game had that “edge of your seat” excitement. Tonight didn’t turn out our way but that is OK because the team showed spirit and put up a good fight. Players are human and everyone has a bad day. It was just one of those things. It is just 1 game. I am not worried in the least. The team will go all the way. I have that gut feeling.

  5. bidiblue

    I know you guys can do it. You guys played great today. It was truly never over until it was over. It just wasn’t your day today but, you’ll get them tomorrow. I know you’ll go all the way. Go Matt! Go Blue! Go Dodgers!


  6. Dodger4life

    ITD transcripts………………….
    Chump? What’s with the namecalling?
    Whatever. It’s the MO around here. Touchy, touchy and in denial.
    This thing may not get back to LA.
    by phan 52
    Lets win this series and run this turkey out of town.


    That’s just the way it goes, you forget about it and focus on taking Pedro YARD! Spread the word in that club house!

  8. beatthis

    You guys kept the bats hot, that’s all you can do for your pitchers. Gotta keep on keepin on and hope to shut down the phils bats. GO BLUE, BLEED BLUE

  9. beatthis

    You guys kept the bats hot, that’s all you can do for your pitchers. Gotta keep on keepin on and hope to shut down the phils bats. GO BLUE, BLEED BLUE

  10. kayinla2u

    Whatever it is you, Dre, Loney, Martin and Belliard have, I’m hoping it rubs off on Casey today too. Hey, give James a hug from Kay in L.A.!!?? I love my never-say-die DODGERS!!! You’ve got it, baby.

  11. mystreba

    No offense meant here – I’m pulling for the Dodgers. But what team DOES give up in the LCS? I mean, even in the regular season, you’d be hard-pressed to find a team that “gives up”. This is such a tired old sports cliche. I wish would reject any quote, article or other content that contains the statement “we never give up”.

    Go Dodgers…

  12. heartruss

    It was an exciting game but unfortunately the Dodgers didn’t win that first game. Dodgers will go to the World Series.

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