Time to forget this loss and bounce back

What can you say, Cliff Lee pitched a great game and hat’s off to him. He had good stuff and it showed. He was pounding the strike zone and we couldn’t do anything about it. Hard to get down against anybody especially him, he goes deep into games.

I mean, they did everything that we didn’t do. They out-pitched us, they out-hit, they did it all. It was one of those games. I won’t say you laugh about it, but we’ve got another game tomorrow and we can tie it at 2-2. We got worked tonight. We bounce back from things like this really quick. Come 8 o’clock tomorrow we’ll be a much different club.

This was just one of those games you’ve got to forget about. We face Blanton and we can just tie the series again. I don’t know what’s up with the offense, but we just faced two tough pitchers in Pedro and Lee and they got the best of us the last two games and we still won one of the game. We just didn’t have it today and they came out today and really out-hit us.

I’m not hitting the ball that well right now. But I’m going out there, playing hard. We know how to play. No pressure. We’ve got Randy going tomorrow and he always gives us a good chance to win a game. We’ve just got to keep fighting. That’s how we do it, keep fighting all the way.


  1. lana_lang_04@yahoo.com

    yeah, we’ll get ’em tomorrow… no worries Mattie! FIGHT ON! Ooops… wrong school… lol… GO BLUE!!!

  2. chillicat

    Still rootin’ for you guys!!! Glad to hear you all are still fighting! Keep your heads up and don’t let ’em get to ya. Remember, everyone out here in CA and around the country is screamin’ for you guys even louder than all those Phillies fans… 🙂 I think everyone was a bit down tonight, but I couldn’t get too down because I kept thinkin’ about how far the whole team has come and all that you guys have accomplished this year. Keep that in mind and I know you all can do it…
    Hope you all are takin’ good care! Remember to breathe!! lol
    Go Dodgers!

  3. lizleeaisp@yahoo.com

    Part of being a fan is staying true even in adversity – even when it looks like there’s no hope. We love you Matt, and all the guys no matter what; and know that you will always have our faith and love and loyalty no matter what. You’re a great player and we’re a great team; keep your guys’ heads in the games and we’ll be okay! Can’t wait to welcome you back home – GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK BLUE always and forever!

  4. true2dodgerblue

    It’s OK Matt. Like you said tomorrow is another day, another game. You guys will take care of business tomorrow. It was hard watching you guys on the post game show. I know you guys felt they got the better of you tonight but when they interviewed Wolfie you could tell he is ready, he had great body language. Get a lift from Wolfie and you guys will be just fine! We are here at home rootin’ for ya!! GO DODGER BLUE!!

  5. jazzjazmine212@yahoo.com

    well get them tomorrow for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!!! dnt loose hope! i know i wont 🙂 im gna take a break from my studies at school tomorrow just to watch u guys n root u on!! wish you the best of luck!!

  6. jazzjazmine212@yahoo.com

    well get them tomorrow for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!!! dnt loose hope! i know i wont 🙂 im gna take a break from my studies at school tomorrow just to watch u guys n root u on!! wish you the best of luck!!

  7. peacelovedodgers

    That is really true, hats off to Lee. He pitched an amazing game. Let me say one thing, what i love about this team is their ability to forget things quickly. Last nights game was a test for you guys. You guys must bounce back and even out this series. I know matt I comment about yours struggles at the plate, but that has not stop you from being a great defender. I see it, you want it soo bad and sometimes your too anxious out there. Be calm and relax. I enjoy watching you play. always play hard, be true, and most importantly love the game and have fun! I believe in you guys!!!

  8. david@ridgepictures.com

    Matty, reading this blog is what gets me through tough losses like this. You have an amazing attitude. Go get ’em, baller. Bring home the championship.

  9. whoisjsr

    Remember your first championship game? I remember mine. The pitcher we faced was really, really good and there was a ton of pressure. But we had a ton of fun, and sure enough, we hit a walk-off grand slam in extras to win 7-5. My point is this: it’s just a game. The past is the past, go out there and have fun. You always seem to, you’re always the loosest player, the coolest demeanor. Don’t pressure yourself, and just play the game. If you don’t win it, life goes on. It might hurt for a while, but that’s what our families and friends are there for.


  10. fan7

    Hey Matty,

    You have such a great attitude, and you are right Lee pitched a great game. You guys can come back tomorrow. Wolf will keep us in there, and your bats will turn around. You guys have always come back, the fans have your back and will keep supporting you. I will always cheer on my guys in blue, and not stop believing. Have a great game tomorrow. My pops always said little ball will get em every time, and with a great pitching perfomance by Randy, we willl be tied up 2 and 2. God bless. GB Girl always believes.

  11. trublu4ever

    It was just a one game loss and I know you guys will bounce back…..you always do! I am a True Dodger Fan….with you through the good times and the bad times as well. I’ll be cheering you on tonight………..GO DODGERS!!!! DODGER BLUE THRU & THRU!!!!!!!

  12. rlopez@carrand.com

    hey baby boii i agree with 2morrow is another day, but in the playoffs there is no tomorrow! Win or Lose im a dodger for life!!!!!! and here in LA ill be rottin for ya’ll when the clock hits 5:07pm…. best of luck for my DODGERS!!!! big blue all the way. Luv u MATTY hey im still waitin for your reply on myspace lol…….
    always Ruby….viva los doyers!

  13. 1959 Dodgers

    Hang in there, Matt. You can do it. These games sometimes happen. See how the Dodgers kept fighting after an 11-0 pounding (October 1, 1959) in Chicago and went on to win the World Series: http://1959dodgers.mlblogs.com/

    Good luck today. Tie the series and bring it back to Dodger Stadium.

    Brian Endsley

  14. trublu4evr

    Hi Matt. wanted to share a quick story. On Friday, my mom (a huge Dodger fan like me) was feeling so sick, we had to call 911!!!! The firemen and paramedics came right away and were working like crazy on her. One of them asked me if anything agitated her or excited her and I said, “She was really excited that the Dodgers won.” Everything stopped for a moment, they all looked at me and said, “They won? Woo! Hoo!” then they all went back to work. It was a funny and memorable moment. This entire TOWN loves you!!! We all believe. My mom is better and home now, rooting for you guys too. Let’s bring this home baby!!!! HAVE FUN TONIGHT AND FEEL US ALL RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!!

  15. cpompe1

    Hey Matty!!!
    You and your mates MUST KNOW that Dodger fans from LA to New York and many spots in between are ALL BEHIND OUR BOYS IN BLUE!!! Yesterday was just ONE loss, and we are only down by one game. This series is not even close to being over.


  16. blueeyedgal

    Hey Matt! The Dodgers can never do it the easy way — just look at Kirk Gibson! — so like it or not, you’re stuck with Dodger karma. The Dodgers aren’t the Yankees, gobbling up as many of the big-name FAs as possible. They’re the Bums, a mix of talented young guys and some good, solid vets, a team that lives and dies as a team, not as an ego collective. You’re scrappy and not always picture-perfect. But magic can strike at any time. You’ve seen it, you’ve lived it. You ARE the Comeback Kids– you’ve shocked teams that way all year long. Now just remember all of us fans in our off-key enthusiasm singing “don’t stop belieeeevin'” in the 8th!

    But don’t let our expectations be a burden to you, okay? Stay easy, man, and have some fun out there! No worries about trying to win the game with one swing. All ya gotta do is keep the inning going, one more foul, one more single, one more whatever, and the guys behind you can pick you up. Hang in there, Matt, we’re rooting for you and we’re proud of you.

  17. jettimaster@gmail.com

    Go Mattie, go! You’re in good company & there’s *no* pressure. Just go and do what you been doin’. We believe it’ll happen, cuz we’ve seen it happen:

    “On September 18, 2006 trailing 9-5 to the San Diego Padres in the 9th inning, Jeff Kent, J. D. Drew, Russell Martin, and Marlon Anderson of the Los Angeles Dodgers hit back-to-back-to-back-to-back home runs to tie the game. The Dodgers won the game in the 10th, off a walk-off home run by Nomar Garciaparra.” — Wikipedia “Home Run” article

    I was there! I believe! And for the record, I *never* leave the game early. Never.

  18. jettimaster@gmail.com

    … 1 more thing. If anybody doesn’t believe it can happen, consider the 2004 Red Sox. I’m *sure* Manny talks about it all the time. I would if I were a part of that club. Maybe Manny should give the pep talks now-a-days, since Joe Torre was a victim of that phenomenon!

  19. el_fuego79

    You guys can do it, you’ve done it all year… this team picks each other up and today will be a great day to show everyone what great character you guys have.
    Us Dodger fans believe in this team! GO BLUE!!!

  20. kristin.leduff@yahoo.com

    New Day, New Game…take care of business, Matt. Nerves are now out the window. I’m behind you all the way. Above all, have fun man.

    Kristin xo

  21. nicadodger

    It’s all good. Philladelphia just used all their juiced in one game (I hope). Usually after a team outsluggeds an apponent they usually come out lethargic the next day.

    To borrow a phrase from their imaginary icon (they have no real ones) you boys are “going to eat thunder and cr@* lighting” tonight!

  22. gododgersgo

    Hey Matt just remember that no matter how far you guys are, you guys still have over 50,000 covering your backs all the time. GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

  23. catwomansrevng76@hotmail.com

    Hi Matt, like you said it another day. We love all you guys no matter what. We see you guys fighting on and we don’t stop believing. Go Dodgers!!

  24. thinkingblu

    we know today’s game will go better for us, we’ve watched you guys bounce back from this before, today is no different, go get ’em Matt!!!

  25. starz_julie17@yahoo.com

    mattie!!…..whats up boiii?….good luck tonight i really feel you boys will win it today!…..just bring it back home & we got it…beat the sh!t out of victorino & them phillie boys, all you boys in blue deserve it you boys reached the top together, we believe just relax & you guys will be fine… take cre & have fun out there in phillie…

    pace love & success

  26. munguiafamily@gmail.com

    Watz up Boiiii!!!:) I hope ur nervous for the game tomorow lol!!!:) Your the BEST DODGER so hit a homer Baby YA BOIII!!!!!! LOL:D

  27. Dodger4life

    There really isn’t anything left to say, its do or die time……….Win or go home………….You guys backed yourself into the corner, now fight your way out of it….plain and simple……………I’ll remain positive and fight the good fight with ya………..One punch at a time………. One win at a time, we can get back in this thing. Then they will be under the gun, to get it done in our house…………EVERYONE HAS TO BATTLE HARD FROM HERE ON OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LET’S GO DODGERS, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!
    Get this thing back to Kuroda vs Lee and I like our chances.

  28. Dodger4life

    LET’S GO OUT and HAVE A GREAT TIME BOY’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. bleedsblue42@yahoo.com

    Don’t stop believing!!!!!!!
    I love you guys!!!!
    We will take this series back to L.A!!!!!!
    We will win!!!!!

  30. mariakemp1

    I know you guys will come back. I have faith its gonna happen!!! You have to believe, we do!! So tomorrow we’ll be cheering for the boys in blue all the way from L.A. baby… GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

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