Keeping our heads up

Kempblog.jpgWhen I left the stadium, some of my friends, we talked a little bit about the game, not too much. It’s good to talk about it. A little surprised, a little shocked. Grabbed something to eat at some diner near the hotel. It took a little while to fall asleep. I was in shock more than anything. It was like, I couldn’t believe it, did that really happen? We’ve been on the other side before, so we know how it feels to lose and we know how it feels to win.

Joe had a meeting before we went out to the field and just told us to take it one game at a time. You got to win one to win two, got to win two to win three. It’s a one-game series for us, that’s how we have to think. We get back home, I like our chances, I like the way we play there.

Our mood is good, man. I’m going to check out a haunted house tonight, supposed to be pretty scary. Can’t sit in the room all night and just think about last night’s game. Sleep in a little bit tomorrow, get some food, chill out. Same routine, nothing’s going to change.  Everybody has faith in us. My friends tell me to keep your head up. This is the right team to come back from 3 to 1. I’m good. I’d be way more looser if it was 2-2 going into tomorrow, because we hit Cole pretty good the first time we played him. But this is just something we have to deal with and fight through it.



    hahaha…love how your going to go check out a haunted house, make sure you take Loney or he’ll be looking all lonely like “big boi” alwasy says!!….love it….but, you do have a point keep your head up & hold it up high it’s the only thing you boys can do!…you can’t do everything & expect to do everything on your own, you gotta give it all you have & that’s it!….you guys are a team if you fall you fall together & you pick yourselves up together, thats the way it is, it’s a sport hard to say but theres gotta be a winner & a looser…& you boys are not loosers you guys are winners you guys reached the top & reached it together now it’s time to show everyone what you & the boys in blue are made of…give them Phillies a piece of what L.A. gots…..& if you boys fall back down tomorrow night, just keep in mind that you guys gave it all you had. You boys will do good tomorrow night I know you will, i have faith & as long as all of us angalenos have faith, you boys will accomplish your win tomorrow night. Just don’t beat yourself up for last nights game or the game before…have a nice night get some rest dont party to hard out there in phillie, & kick some *** tomorrow…

    peace love & success


    I don’t know if you’ll read this, but thank you for writing this. Very painful game for us fans back In Los Angeles and I can only imagine how the Big Man felt afterwards. Glad to here everyone is doing well and ready to fight. Its a long mountain to climb, but I really have confidence that this team could overcome this and go all the way. You guys have fought through adversity all year and come out stronger, I know this team can do it. Just keep fighting, get this next game and come home! Nothing is worth having without fighting for it.

    And if it wasn’t meant to be, thanks for the awesome season. So many highs and lows, and just great baseball all around. Really fun to watch this grow over the years and I only see big things from this group in the future.

  3. trple

    Not to be a drag, but my phils are going all the way. Your Dodgers are a very good team; don’t get me wrong, the phillies are better. I hope its a good game tommorow!

  4. trple

    Not to be a drag, but my phils are going all the way. Your Dodgers are a very good team; don’t get me wrong, the phillies are better. I hope its a good game tommorow!

  5. gododgersgo

    Keep your head up Matt, that’s baseball, just bring it back home and you know you guys will have 56,000 fans screaming there lungs off!!!! Go DODGERS!!!!! Where still believing!!!!


    Yea i was stunned from last night gm 4 lost. But I watch you guys do the same thing to other teams all year. All i can say is stay tough, play your heart out and have fun doing it. Bring it back to L.A……it will be the most dramatic come back yet…………………..
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kinda felt like crying last night, almost did. You guys deserve this! Fustrating. But tommorow is a new day. Just keep doing what you do. We are there in spirit.


    I hate being scared! Have fun tonight at the haunted house. Last night was
    heartbreaking for the Dodger-nation but we keep our heads held high. Bring
    it back home BLUE! We have faith that you can get it done. Love you guys.
    GO BLUE!!

  9. lewyus

    Wouldn’t it be a fairy tale if the Dodgers actually came back from this loss, won three in a row, then won the World Series. That would be the greatest sport’s story every told in the history of the Dodgers, both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

    Dreams do come true.

  10. papajohnny

    Matt, my heart goes out to the whole team, especially Brox. He has been money all season. Do you think he cooled down too much between innings? He actually pitched Rollins well, tip of the hat to Roll’s for turning on a good pitch. One question; any chance Furcal could have thrown out Rollins on the relay before Ruiz crosses the plate? It looked like Rollins made the turn at 2cd then watched Ruiz score. Everyone was keying in on Ruiz but if we nail Rollins, it is a tie game and we have new life. Shorter throw for Furcal as well. Just a thought in case the situation ever arises again. Good luck tomorrow.

  11. kayla

    Hi, Matt Kemp!

    I’m so excited for a Dodger victory tomorrow! We’re going to bounce back in a big way, I can feel it! So, yes, keep your heads up…and your bats hot! Destroy them! (please πŸ™‚

    Dodger Love,


    Enjoy your day off. We are behind you and the rest of the blue crew.
    Let’s bring it back to Cali. Go BLUE!!!

  13. venge_1348

    my heart and soul goes out to you and our boys kemp!!! we have nothing but faith in you and the Boys in blue please bring a WS home for everyone in LA espciailly for Lasorda and Vin Scully!!! i know you guys got this kemp!!!

  14. true2dodgerblue

    The best B-Day present I could get is a Dodger win Wednesday. That way I could really enjoy my birthday on Thursday and know we have another game on Friday!!!!

  15. mariakemp1

    Hi Matt I know you guys will win BIG tomorrow. Dont stop believing, L.A. hasnt!! πŸ™‚ We are gonna be cheering for the boys in blue to bring it home and take it all the way… GO DODGERS!!!!

  16. 27gallons

    Yo Bison – I love your attitude. Take it one game at a time, play loose and stay within yourself. Hi-5’s all around.


    Thats all you guys can do now is keep your heads up and stick together as a team! πŸ™‚ Bring it back to LA! Lets go Dodgers! We love our boys in blue!


    that’s the way to go matt!! theres no point in dweling on it! im totally looking forward to the game tomorrow! i always get super excited to watch u guys play!!man i can already feel it! its a good feeling!! none of us fans are loosing hope! well have a good night and i wish you the best of luck for tomorrow! love u guys!! πŸ˜€ GO DODGERS!!!!

  19. peacelovedodgers

    HOPE BELIEVE are the two words for you guys! It’s a long road ahead of you guys. whatever happens tomorrow, I just wanna say, thank you for one of the best seasons ever! Bring it back home! game 7… that is all am thinking right now.. Most importantly have fun! BEAST MODE babe!!!




    Hey baby just bring it home and we will ALL make it happen! Wasn’t Boston down 3-1 a few years ago?! One game at a time, see it in your mind first, and it WILL happen! Go BLUE!

  22. bigdave420

    It’s WAR TIME Kemp. Time to get into the ultimate BEAST MODE.. Make hamels pitch to you..spit on anything you can’t get your bat on.. Remember MAKE HAMELS PITCH TO YOU!! I went to every home game this year..I have 110% confidence in you and the rest of the team.. God bless and Godspeed MK27!!!!!

  23. trublu4evr

    Hi Matt. I was driving to work right now in my Dodger Blue truck with “BIG BLUE WRECKING CREW” written on the front and was stopped at a residential four-way stop. This elderly couple was crossing the street and I noticed that the man was trying to get my attention. I looked at him and he pointed to my car, gave the thumbs up and raised his hands in victory. I got it!!! He was telling me that he believes we’re going to win tonight. I gave him the thumbs up in agreement, we smiled at each other and I drove to work. we are all over L.A. baby. We’re all pulling for you and helping each other through these stressful days. It’s an unbelievable feeling!!!! Bring the series back home so you can see!!!! WE ARE ALL HERE WAITING FOR OUR DODGERS!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. fan7

    Hey Matty

    You are so cool and your attitude will go far in life and baseball. Joe is right, one win at a time, you and the crew can do it. Your fans in LA still believe, we are here for you guys and will cheer you on. Bring it back home Matty? Go Dodgers, Go Blue. GB Girl!

  25. cpompe1

    Hey Matty!
    Such a tough loss on Monday, but I have NO DOUBT that our beloved BOYS IN BLUE will bounce back tonight! NEVER-SAY-DIE-ATTITUDE MATTY!!! You and your mates MUST KNOW that all of your fans love the Dodgers!!! I can’t wait to see my boys come back to LA to play on Friday and Saturday!!!



    Hey Matty!!

    Let’s roll!!! Tonight belongs to THE BOYS IN BLUE!! Bring it back to LA!!! Lead the way BISON!!

    I am very proud of you!! Good Luck…sending my prayers your way!!!

    LOVE YA #27!!


  27. jamiethinksblue


    If there’s anyone who has the heart to do this, you and your boys can. You’re an inspiration to me, which I am sure you are to many people everywhere. Watching you grow as a baseball player has been such a great thing to witness, and the tremendous amount of growth you’ve shown this season is amazing. I have the utmost faith that you will play with your heart tonight, because when the odds are against you, sometimes that’s all you can do. Best of luck to you and the boys, I will be watching every single second!


  28. jesskemp27

    Hi Matty Boy! I have to say first of all that I ADORE YOU! I have told my husband when I get you, we are done! (He understands πŸ™‚
    Look… I stared at the TV for 30 minutes after Monday’s game-TOTAL DISBELIEF was all that ran through my head! But tonight is your night! We are bringing this home with out a DOUBT!!!! You guys go out there and play a hell of a game tonight we are not leaving Phillie tonight without dragging those boys back with us to a very hungry LA CROWD! GO GET EHM’ BABY BOO! (That is what I call you at home! xoxo

  29. allstarkemp27

    I’m so proud of you guys!!! Monday is behind us and today is a new day!!! Let’s come back home and win it big!!!

  30. Dodger4life

    Thanks boy’s for a wonderful season…………..I know at the moment it is a little bittersweet, but you can all hold your heads high. We made some big improvements, and gained a lot of expierence as well……Have a fantastic off season stay safe, enjoy your family and friends and we will see ya’ll next year……………………BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2010!!!!!!!!!

  31. nellyjune


    Matt – I know this isn’t how you and the boys hoped this season would end, but your fans couldn’t be more proud of all that you accomplished this season. You and Dre’ really showed the entire league what you two, the Dynamic Duo, is capable of, and it has been an absolute pleasure watching the two of you, and the rest of the Dodgers, play this season. Like Dodger4life said, have a wonderful off-season, enjoy your family and friends, and we look forward to seeing you back on the field in the spring……….only 164 days until Opening Day 2010. Take Care and God Bless!!


    Atta boy Matt just you and the whole team keep yo heads up:D We believe in all you guyz:) So go out there and play hard:D I know it may be hard with all the preassure but just keep on fighting back this team is like us:/ But we need to show them that we are better than them!!!BOO Phillies!!!! Hope you guyz can go kick those Phillies butz and play hard don’t take it easy on them!!!:)LOL:D
    :)Miranda Munguia:)

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