We still have a lot of fight left

Twenty seven outs, man. Twenty seven outs.

Until that last pitch, I was happy. We had played a very good game. That’s how baseball is. You gotta play 27 outs. Rollins hit a pretty good pitch and that’s just what happens. He hit the spot and Jimmy just threw his hands and squared the ball up. When it was hit, I knew it was the game. He put it in a perfect spot, that’s just the way it is.

We got to come back on Wednesday and we gotta fight and keep on pushing. We got practice tomorrow and we got to go about our business. We still have a lot of fight left, I really believe that. I know when it’s time to play a game, we’ll be ready. We need a win to take it back to L.A. It hurts right now. It happens to the best of us. We’re going to try to ride this thing out.

This game was just shocking. That team is so much like us, it’s kind of crazy. A very similar team as far as hitting. They never give up. They keep fighting. It’s crazy, same thing happened to us last year. Then it was a home run, but it’s just crazy what’s happened to us here.

All we can do is win three in a row. Hopefully we can go home happy, down 3-2. We get it back to L.A., I think we have a good chance. I really do.


  1. gregattack

    When you follow a team, and not some weak fairweather fan, but as a real fan, you get to see magic happen sometimes, while at other times you feel nothing but heartbreak…then you start to question your fandom, is it worth the rollercoaster of emotions in a game where you are not in control of the situation. These are questions I have asked myself for years, and the answer is a resounding YES. I have been a lifelong Dodger fan, and had to deal with the ups and downs of this team, and the heartbreak and downs are worth it when you’re on the winning side. I know that after this loss, many fairweather fans, front runners, people who have never played the game let alone understand it, will stop going to the website to check scores or do whatever they do. They have no jerseys or hats or bobbleheads or other gear to throw away, they’ll just say that the Dodgers aren’t good and that they’re the fan of whatever team is on top. But they’re going to miss the miracle that is this Dodger team. Hey, maybe we won’t win the next game, but the real fans are still very very proud to wear the dodger blue, we’re proud of this team, we’re proud to see you all grow into mature players. The sports media and everyone else pays no attention to the west coast, but you’re making your mark in baseball, and everyone knows that the Dodgers will be a team to fear in the future.But nothing will match the fear you will instill in the city of philidelphia and the phillies come next game. You are a team that has come back from the bottom ALL SEASON LONG. This Dodger team and every Dodger team has always been more than just another baseball team, you’re nothing but an inspiration that no matter what’s in the way, nothing beats good old fashioned hard work. This team has risen from the shadows for 2 years in a row, now it’s time to get in the limelight, it’s time to be “that team” the one that lives on for generations and generations, the team that is spoken about at every championship game.It’s your time to shine Matt, it’s your time to take the reins of this ballclub and take the phillies out of this post season. You will be the replay they show over and over again, not the one that happened tonight.

  2. mariakemp1

    I knew you were gonna step up to the plate tonight Matt. I loved that homerun I felt the adrenaline as if I was there. I LOVE IT!! 🙂 I really believe you got this too. DODGERS gotta bring it home. GO DODGERS!!!!

  3. bluecrewgirl

    As bitterly disappointing as tonight’s loss was, I still believe you guys are gonna win it. Remember the 2004 Red Sox, they were down 3-0 against the Yankees in the ALCS and came back an won it. If you can just win on Wednesday and take it back to LA, winning two in a row at Dodger Stadium is entirely possible. Keep the faith.

  4. true2dodgerblue

    I have to admit I was heartbroken after pacing in my house since the 8th inning. It was so close, my heart sunk. But you are right, it ain’t over til it’s over and it is far from over. Win Wednesday and you can bring it home. Then you can take care of business. We are with you. GO DODGERS!!!!

  5. Dodger4life

    Atta boy Matt!!!!!!!!!!! Ask Tommy if the Italians give up with out a fight…..I know the Oklahomans don’t….neither do the Dominican’s or the Texans, ask the Japanese they will say not a chance….Nicaraguans their fighters… Taiwan wants to mix it up…….that’s what you all are man your a bunch of fighting ball players with a whole lot left to fight for……….ask Pierre he’s been in Beast mode all season.
    The Phillie’s brought a lot of attitude to the battle, you just have to give it right back. Now’s the time……It ain’t going to do you all no good in the winter, leave it all on the ball field.
    GO GET EM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. fan7

    Hey Matty,

    You are so right, you guys have a lot of fight left. Bring it on Wednesday, feel the fire Dodgers! Stomp the yard, and show them the great team you are. Your homerun was sweet tonight Matty, bring some more of that to the game. You guys have had it all season long, and I know you can get the game! GB Girl has believed all season, and believes Wednesday’s game can be yours. Go Dodgers, go Matt!!!!

  7. chillicat

    stunned. I was just stunned by tonight…
    but it all comes down to that fightin’ you were talking about in your last post. You guys went down fighting tonight. So, thanks for that.
    We still believe.
    *hugs to all you guys*

  8. dodgerdrei

    Tonight hurt , I will make no bones about it. But if there’s one thing you guys have shown all year, it’s heart. I know you guys arent gonna lay down like dogs this Wednesday, and now is the time we really need you guys to step up just as much as you guys need us to really stand by you. We’re confidant you guys will bring this series back here to L.A. GO GET ‘EM this Wednesday !!!! And one more thing, tell Johnny that we’re also behind him too and that he’s one of the big reasons why we’re still playing this late into October !!!! And if you are reading this JB, shake it off, because we just may need you again. GO DODGERS !!!!!

  9. lyzie

    You guys played really good, you all went out there and gave it your all and that’s what really matters. Be proud of what you did out there, I know I am =). There’s still a chance and I know you guys will come back and win, you always do, that’s why I love you guys, you never give up. Good luck and lets go get em!!! We’ll be @ Dodger Stadium cheering you on. LOVE MY BOYZ IN BLUE!!! GO DODOGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. peacelovedodgers

    wow!! I stop breathing for a split second and couldnt BELIEVE what had just happened. It hurt real BAD. You did your part Matt, you got on base and played hard. you stepped up your game. Let me say something, whatever happens wed, I am proud of you and the rest of the fellas. you guys have done everything you can and played hard. It’s funny because back in March when spring season started, I told a couple of friends that it will be the DODGERS VS YANKEES in the world series. As the season got closer to the end, friends were telling me that i might be right. A couple of weeks ago before the season ended, I kept thinking and saying “7” everywhere i went was 7. Lucky number 7. Then number 2. 7-2 or 2-7. more and more I see those two numbers, I look up and see this page and guess what, James loney is in the front page and number 7 is shown. I read this blog and you wrote in 27 outs! I believe you will have something to do with game 7. Somehing pretty special is about to happen. Dont want to freak you out, but there is HOPE!
    Just have fun out there, play hard and stay true.

  11. jazzjazmine212@yahoo.com

    wow! i really couldnt believe it yesterday! i was in such a shock my friend had to shake me and tell me it was ok to get me to react again lol were still not loosing hope! 🙂 you guys did great last night, that’s why i know you still have a lot more left in you! just come hooooooooooome and take it from here. best of luck! i love you all!!

  12. truebluebaseball

    I’m kind of a new fan of baseball. I went to my second ever baseball game and my first ever Dodger game three or four years ago. This year I finally made it to my first playoff game; it was last Friday. And I was there when the Dodgers clinched the NL West title. 😀 It struck me at that pivotal game against the Rockies – one reason I’m able to get so into the game now is the sense of community. Some of the first guys I “grew up with,” if you will, were Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Russell Martin. I was sad when some players left, but happy to gain some new guys that I now love following.

    I know I’m not the only one but I was actually heartbroken tonight. I don’t know if I’d ever been so invested in a game. Ever. I’m not one to engage in team-hating, even when the Giants come to town; just not really my style. But I may or may not have gotten a little heated, stared at the T.V. in disbelief, and let a curse word or two slip out tonight. 😉

    But I still believe, I’m still a fan, and I still love watching you guys play. I think you’re a great team, and I’m so glad that you were the ones to really introduce me to baseball. I’ll be here rooting, supporting, cheering, and sitting on the edge of my seat, resting my chin on my clasped hands when it gets close. And how can you not think of the Dodgers as the “comeback kids” after game 2 of the NLDS. *What* a game that was! I don’t think I could have been happier that night.

    I think I may have always been destined to be a Dodger fan. Aside from growing up with some diehard fans, I’ve always had a fondness for the saying “true blue.”

    Thanks for blogging, Matt!

  13. dallas_dodgergirl

    The TRUE BLUE Fans are still behind you guys Matt! We still believe! Last night hurt so bad, but we will do what the team has done all year, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and shock the world. I know you guys have what it takes to beat the Phillies; show them that Beast Mode attitude. You, Andre, Manny, and Loney are all showing signs of greatness…make it happen & bring it home!



  14. ofeliastedman@yahoo.com

    What can I say it was heartbreaking as a fan, so I can imagine
    the feeling for my boys in Blue. Never give up and always keep your
    head held high. We are still cheering loudly. GO BLUE! Let’s
    Bring it back home.

  15. munguiafamily@gmail.com

    Hey Matt ur doin the best you can so keep up the good work 🙂 And just keep fighting back this team is just like us lol!!!:) Hope you can win 3 in a row :/ Maybe but I believe in you go DODGERS!!!:)
    miranda munguia:)

  16. pjams@verizon.net

    I am a phillies fan, and a baseball fan that goes to a lot of games both at home and on the road. I was at last nights game sitting in center field. A Philly fan was really on Matt Kemp and was out of control. Kemp showed real class and handled it like the professional he is. I have to say I am now a Matt Kemp fan. All the best except in game 5.


  17. gododgersgo

    Go get’em guys, we haven’t stop “believing”. LET’S BRING IT HOME FELLAS!!!! Great home run Matt, on your face phillies!!!!

  18. 1959 Dodgers

    Keep fighting, Matt. You guys played a great game to battle back from 2-0. Except for the last pitch, the series would be tied. Keep playing that well on Wednesday and you will take the series back to Dodger Stadium. Go Dodgers!!

    Brian Endsley http://1959dodgers.mlblogs.com/

  19. trublu4ever

    I still believe! I know you guys can do it! It won’t be easy but, evverything this year has been hard to come by. Just be sure to tell Brox that I, for one, don’t blame him forr the loss…..he’s been a “stopper” all year and I still have faith in him. Best to you tomorrow.
    Dodger Blue thru & thru!

  20. starz_julie17@yahoo.com

    what can you say we win some & we loose some!!…theres nothing else to do but to still go out there on that field tomorrow & give it all you got!….

    i left work around 5pm yesterday afternoon & headed straight to my monday night calss, so upset that i knew i wasnt going to be able to watch the begininng of the game, turned on my stareo & switched it to Vin Scully 790 baby….all i can think about is how i was going to whip through my exam & speed back home!….finally i was done, i was getting all these text messages on your homerun oh i was so pumped up….this was your game all you boys deserved to win….got home top of the 7th inning, i just wanted it to be over & just watch you boys jump up & down…..damn bottom of the 9th geez 2 outs & J.Broxton just couldnt pull through man…. i’ll admit it i sat on that couch & couldnt believe my eyes!….i saw loneys face man i knew you boys were so upset you boys had it but thats just the way any sport is theres alway a winner & a looser…but all you can do is hold your head up high & say to yourself you gave it all you had….just one more game baby win it for us in L.A. & we’ll get ’em here at home!….congrats on your hommer, & good luck tomorrow night no matter what i’ll still be in my dodger blue & cheering you boys on just like everyone else in L.A. will….just be in Beast Mode like “JP” is lol…..oh yeah by the way hows your knee doing? i know you had to get a bruise or something after that ball hit you….

    peace love & success

  21. chicododg

    Kemper….you are a great player. You came through last night with a Big Bomb!!!! it shut that annoying Philly crowd up and I really like that you hit over that Victorinas…head. I hate the Phillies…you guys had that game…we should be up 3 -1….We gave them game 1….and we gave them the game last night…Keep playing hard…we are really proud of you.
    This was a tough game to lose….just keep in mind all of the Dodger fans…that are rooting for you to come through on Wed…and bring the series back to L.A.
    Go Dodgers…!

  22. trublu4evr

    Wow. That was about as heartbreaking as it gets…..we all even forgot how great Randy was……for a moment. Please tell Randy he did a WONDERFUL job!!!

    I loved reading about how you handled yourself with class when that heckler was bothering you. You have gone beyond the “five tool” player everyone keeps talking about. you’ve added two more “tools” to that definition with your professionalism and your unbelievable personality! We are watching you very closely, Matt. you are the makings of a legend. Please don’t ever change!!!

    As for Wednesday, we are all still here, still cheering you guys on!!!! We’ve dusted ourselves off, wiped away the tears and are ready to go. We have 25 awesome players. LET’S GO OUT THERE, WIN AND BRING THIS BACK TO LA!!!!!!

  23. betsy@globallanguages.com

    Matty! You guys rocked it last night, no doubt about it. If there’s anything that i’ve learned this season it’s that we never give up. Even when they’ve discounted our team you guys have risen to the occassion, so keep on pushing. You guys shut their fans up last night, no opposing team could ever do that to us @ Dodger stadium. Bring it home so we can show Philly what true fans are like!! Can’t wait to see you play tomorrow.

  24. philliesdoitagain

    Hey Matt, good Blog. I feel for you and the team, I’m obviously a Phillies phan and we’ve lived thru worse defeats than that so I know it hurts.

    I think Joe has made some mistake with your BP, especially last night with Broxton. he should have been pulled after he hit Ruiz putting the winning run on base and bringing up the top of our lineup. It was clear that Broxton didn’t have it last night. I’m not blaming Joe because I think the Phils would have found a way to win anyway.

    Monster home run last night BTW – congrats on that! Good luck to you and the Dodgers and keep writing the blog – it’s great.

  25. fsanchez21

    Matt way to swing the big stick last night. This one seriously broke my heart!

    Why does Brox keep doing this? Did it last year and just did it in Pittsburgh. He has a 98+mph fastball and the pitch Rollins hit was good, good to hit into the gap! Frick, when a pitcher blows gas like Boxy, he needs to work it in hard on the hands. It was a stinking 1-2 count he had some waste pitches. Throw a hard slider, ANYTHING BUT RIGHT DOWN THE PLATE!!! I am so mad a Broxton. Plus he walked a guy and hit a guy. Dude, Matt Stairs aint going to punish him twice and even so the game would have only been tied!

    Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…get out and win tomorrow!

  26. saugusbill@hotmail.com

    Matt watching the game last night was a killer. It pains me as a lifelong fan to see hard hit balls caught and a reliable pen have a hiccup. You guys have been amazing all season and no matter what happens on Wednesday you guys are Champions. The great thing about baseball is the past is as long as you want it to be. This is a tough Phillies team but except for a game we will not mention this Dodgers team has been in every single game. We all know you want to bring home a World Series title as much as we want you to but we know this game is a mystery. You guys rock and no matter what I will bleed Dodger Blue

    Need all 25 in Beast Mode to win 7 more games!!

  27. munguiafamily@gmail.com

    Matt just keep on swingin the bat like you have been itz not just u its the whole team we need to start hitng the ball more an more runs!!!:)
    :)Miranda Munguia:) love ya!!lol:) 😀

  28. kristin.leduff@yahoo.com


    1. Game 3, ya’ll were outplayed in every way, PERIOD!

    2. Game 4, knowing the lay of the philly land, ya’ll did a COMPLETE 180 and played like a total different team, ready to go, focused like no other, struggled on runs but it was very apparent that you all were not about to let 11 runs against you happen again!

    3. Game 5, you all are fighting to stay alive … like you said, Matt you all have PLENTY of fight left in you. I believe that that to be true. I kinda think that it’s…well…destiny for you guys to pull this out by winning the next 3 games.
    You’ve got fire in your eyes and most of all, the will and RESILIENCY to take the rest of this series.

    This is your time — it can’t be wasted…PUT IT IN BEAST MODE FROM HERE ON OUT!! YOU CAN DO IT!

    Blue-tifully faith-filled,

    Kristin xo

  29. nellexbelle80@aol.com

    Yeah last nights game was just…heartbreak…plain and simple. BUT, I have faith that you guys are going to bring this one home. It’s time to show what a resilient and brilliant team you guys are. Yeah, the Phillies are a great team but The Dodgers are greater.
    Shut ’em down on Wednesday, Matt! Hush all those phillies lol.

    ~PROUD Dodger fan.

  30. jettimaster@gmail.com

    ’04 Sox. Down to their last inning. They came back from the dead, one step at a time, against 2 teams that won 100+ games in the regular season. They won 7 straight against these teams to win the World Series.

    The task before us is less than this! We can do it!

  31. arocsports

    You swept the Cardinals with Wainwright and Carpenter, you can beat this team or any other team 3 in a row if you want to. Go DODS!!!

  32. bjustice1@gmail.com

    Give ’em Hell Matt!

    Be patient, wait for your pitch and please keep telling Brox that he his absolutely the best closer in the game over and over again, because, he is.

  33. catwomansrevng76@hotmail.com

    Awesome homerun Matt. You are so right you guys have lots of fight left. WE BELIEVE IN ALL OF YOU, FIGHT ON AND BRING IT HOME!!!!


    Dodgers Forever Baby!!!

  34. j3rddodgerfan

    Boy, that game Monday night was a heartbreaker. I’ve been a Dodger fan up here in Giants Country ( 60 miles north of San Fran), for the past 36 years. I’ve been fighting for Dodger Blue every baseball season, and I wouldn’t expect any thing different from the Dodger Players. The thing that impresses me the most about this team, is that you guys don’t point the finger at each other. More than talent, that’s what makes you strong. Broxton had trouble in the 9th before Rollings even came to the plate, there’s no doubt. In all the post game articles and interviews, I never once heard a player even mention it. That shows that you guys are all about team and not individualism. If, not this year, this team player attitude will surely lead you guys to a World Championship. Last night I felt terrible when I went to bed. This morning, I woke up, and was greeted by the Sun. God has granted us another day. Fight On Dodgers.

  35. ogone

    I am still in shock of what happend, but i am confident that my Los Angeles Dodgers still have the magic and the motivation to win this series. Every person that has followed this team knows this team has “IT”. Dodger fans have been waiting for 20 years for this tis group of players. Kemp just unite the team and help be one of those leaders a WORLD SERIES TEAM needs to have.

  36. dodgerdope

    Hey Matt. You guys just stay loose. Last night took the wind out of the sails for a split second, but you’re still out in that big blue ocean and you can still see the harbor through the mist.

    I was pretty devastated, but then I realized that there’s more to life than baseball, and you guys have shown it BIGTIME off the field. You guys have won the Championship in the community and in our hearts.

    I have a two year old boy and in three days the doctors are going to tell my wife and I whether or not he is autistic. Right now my son and his potential autism is priority number one for me, and being a Dodger fan has to be put on the back burner, you know?

    Seeing what you and the team have started doing in fundraising and awareness for autism is just as big as winning it all in my book.

    Your a superhero on the field, Mr Kemp, and a superhero off. No Clark Kent in between.

    Take this small voice of praise with you on that plane back to LA where you’ll hopefully be continuing to kick that Philly butt.

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