A great atmosphere for Game 1

kempG1homer.jpgWe were loose before the game, just like any game. Everybody was listening to music, laid back, getting their work in. Just chillin’. Then when the game started, we definitely felt good and it showed when we came out. And when we scored after they scored, the momentum shifted, the crowd fed off that, and we fed off the crowd.

It was a great atmosphere tonight, I mean with the towels waiving, the fans going crazy. That first inning was a big reversal and we fed off it and never looked back after that.

On that popup that fell in the first, I was playing a little deeper on Ryan Ludwick, he’s swinging hard, and it was one of those in a perfect position. If I dove for the ball, me and Ronnie Belliard were so close, it was too late to call him off. We were both right there. It was just in a perfect spot. But then Rafael Furcal hits a line drive when we come up. You know, he really does well against Cardinals, I think he has their number. He gets on and he makes things happen. You saw that tonight.

Now tomorrow, we just have to do the same thing with the same approach. We got to Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright is the same, he’ll throw strikes. We just need to play the way we did tonight. As a team, all around, we were just about perfect, we did everything right today except that we could have scored more runs.

So, I’m out now, going straight home because we’ve got a quick comeback tomorrow. We still got a game to win, you know. In fact, we’ve got 10 games to win.

We have a great chance of going far

I’m definitely excited to be in this position again. Last year, nobody expected us to get as far as we did. Now I’m excited to get back and this year we want to get even further and make it to the World Series. That’s the main goal, after all the hard work all year and we’re in the playoffs with a chance to do some big things.

We’re having fun and getting ready for the big day. Everybody’s excited and can’t wait till tomorrow and we’ll see those playoff rags waving in the stands. This year, I think we’re more ready than last year; we have the experience and know what we need to do and what we’re capable of doing. We just need to play the way we played to win 95 games and carry it over to the playoffs and win the whole thing.

Maybe they’re favored, but last year we were underdogs and did so well. They have great pitching, that’s probably why they’re favored. I’m sure on paper that everybody picks them over us. We’re definitely a team that’s hard to beat and they’re coming into Dodger Stadium and it’s going to be a crazy territory and it will be hard for them to come in here and dominate us. You play the game right and not make mistakes and the best team is going to win. As long as we cut down on errors and running mistakes and work pitchers, we have a great chance of going far.

Now, I’m going home and relax, like a day off. I just want to clear my mind and not think too much or you can drive yourself crazy. I’ll go out to eat, maybe see a movie, something to have fun. You don’t want to get too riled up. You want to go into the game relaxed. I don’t want to drive myself crazy. I used to put too much on myself. I’ll try not to think about it until I get to the stadium.. And when I get there, it’ll be the same routine as 162 games this year. Eat, listen to music, goof around, nothing going to change. It’s still a baseball game.