Nothing we do surprises me

We’ve been doing this all year, you know that. We’ve been coming back all year. It shows the character of our team. Now that’s two wins and one to go. It shows we can beat the best pitchers in the league and we definitely proved that the past two days and we got another tough pitcher on St. Louis and hope we can wrap it up Saturday.

I’m sure for the opposing side, it’s hard to play, but it pumps us up. Now we have to go there and listen to their crowd. We just have to be relaxed and grind out and get the job done.

Nothing we do surprises me. We’ve come back a lot this year. We showed we never give up. It’s hard to beat a team like that.

Ninth inning, we thought we had a chance. We got to their bullpen and got it done.  I gotta say, the ball off Loney’s bat, I thought it was over. But you never know, with all the towels waving. It was tough to see off the bat out there. And when it was over, on the field it was awesome, man.

I don’t want to get too excited, but at that moment that was the most exciting moment of my life in baseball right there. It feels good, man. Really, you can’t describe it. That was the loudest I’ve ever heard a crowd at Dodger Stadium.



    Doesn’t surprise me either Matt! It didn’t matter that ya’ll were down 2-1 by the time 9th inning came…as dodger fans, we know Dodgers never say die! We’re with you through it all!!
    It only goes to prove that you all have what it takes to TAKE this win in STL. Keep the momentum, WANT it more and just do what you’ve done all year–consistency, heart & it’ll come.
    I thought being at the game on Sat when you won the division west, was the greatest I’ve seen…tonight definitely trumped my excitement level then…congrats to you & the entire team. And remember…REMAIN in BEAST MODE always!


    What a team, What a team!!!! I agree with Kristen about Saturday’s night game and tonight’s game…INCREDIBLE. Thank you all for taking care of business like you do!


    Hey Matt,

    All year the Dodgers have been playing hard until the very last pitch, so tonight when I was watching the game on my computer (in the middle of a class) and it got down to two down in the ninth I was still riveted and full of hope. As a long time Dodger fan there have only been a couple teams that have inspired that much hope and confidence in the fans. You’re a huge part of that inspiration Matt, keep it up and whatever you do stay with the Dodgers for your whole career!!!!

    Evan Moore

  4. dodgersgirl_808

    Amazing come back. I hope you guys get a quality start from Padilla saturday and get him some solid run support. Finish it in 3 and comeback to LA πŸ™‚ Good Luck, 2 down – 8 to go!

  5. blueeyedgal

    Matt, if it gets loud in St. L, just pretend it’s us your fans. We’ll be yelling all the way from LA… and parts farther south, as I’m in Angels country. I’m true blue though, and I see a ton of other Dodgers fans around me in the OC.

    Go Dodgers! We’re rooting for you! Hang tough; believe in yourselves — you KNOW you can win it, and if an opponent ever gets ahead, stay loose and don’t worry, you guys can beat ’em anyway!

    We believe in you guys. The whole team. There’s not one superstar … the Dodgers are a great team, because you all can be stars.

  6. true2dodgerblue

    I agree with blueeyedgal. Although many of us Dodger fans are in Angels country there’s enough of us to make plenty of noise! Thanks for keeping up the blog Matt. We really appreciate it. You guys are a true team and that is what it takes to get the job done. We are so excited for you guys! Work hard, but have fun doing it and know that although we are not in St. Luis we are there with you and the team. You guys are awesome!!!!

  7. ladgirl27

    It was such an AMAZING game Today!! πŸ˜€ I am SO happy we got the win! I told my sis(s) and in my head that we are going to make hot the ball and score on the bottom of the 9th inning!! I felt it… those chills running down my spine. I knew this moment was about to happen. And when the time came I couldn’t believe it! It happened. The victory win… wow winning those Cards 2-0 in the series. That was unbelievable!! I was sooo HAPPY! I am SO proud of you guys that’s its not even funny. I believe that we can always win and keep winning! Dodgers are such an amazing team! I love L.A!!

    Love, Brittany Urbina xoxo.

  8. sunshine43

    Hey Matty! Welcome to the blogosphere!

    I for one don’t wave my towel, especially when you guys are in the outfield because I’ve heard how difficult it is for players to pick up the ball when those towels are waving around. However, I may have to make an exception so we can get guys to miss the ball more often like Holliday did. And you’re right … nothing surprises me… though I did get very excited when Belliard singled in Pierre … and even more when Loretta singled in the winning run! Talk about an electric atmosphere. And I thought the stadium was loud after Manny his his grand slam on his bobble head night … I think tonight the noise level was brought to a whole new decibel! I had to take out my other camera and record it so I could capture how loud the stadium was. You can’t really capture volume in a still image.


  9. crzblue2

    I am so glad you are keeping up with new posts here. We love to hear how you all feel.
    That was an AWESOME 9th innings! Everyone one of us were going crazy in the stands! A friend of mine was jumping up and down infront of me that he stumbled and I tried to catch him.
    WE LOVE our boys in Blue!
    Like Chillicat said, “CAN’T STOP THE BLUE!”


    Matty! Just reliving today’s game through your blog gave me chills all over again. The best thing about today’s win was that it truly was a team effort. You have the whole city behind you. While we might not physically be there tomorrow in St. Louis, we’ll all be behind our TVs cheering even louder than the Cardinals fans. Beast Mode. 24.7.365.

    I love this team. I love this city. I love L.A.

  11. gregattack

    This was the third walkoff win I’ve seen in person, and it was the best of the trifecta. You guys are like the Goonies, you never say die. WHINEwright can say what he wants about the towels, but that didn’t give up the game, let alone any runs. What gave up the game was the DODGERS unwillingness to give up. From starters to the bullpen to the bench, no one on this team is to be taken lightly. What a beautiful game, the best I’ve ever been to, and I’ve seen my share.

    Now time to go to enemy territory and bring it to them and get to the NLCS. You and the boys need to, no ARE GOING TO, bring it so hard to them in their own yard and make it to the NLCS and send a message that the DODGERS will never go down easily and should never be written off like they have been.

    We’re ridin’ together, but we sure aren’t dyin’. WAR DODGERS!

  12. 21since88

    Thanks for keeping this up Matty! Awesome game tonight, but its not over yet. I have tix for game 5 and I dont want to use em! Win it in St. Louis!!!


    You guys look like you can win any game and are never out. I went to so many games this year where you guys either came back to win or came back and were so close. You make LA proud. You all belong there this year. Last year was a learning experience and just like the Lakers won it this year, the Dodgers are going to win it all this year. It’s your year. Keep playing hard. Keep hustling. Keep winning!

  14. 1959 Dodgers


    Wow!! Did you guys really all that with 2 out in the ninth with nobody on base? I haven’t jumped up and down in front of my TV since Kirk Gibson nearly caused an earthquake in ’88. Shocking the baseball experts–that’s what the Dodgers do. See what they did 50 years ago to the day:

    Congratulations and keep up the good work.

    Brian Endsley

  15. trublu4ever

    The past two games were awesome! Have a nice day off and continue your winning ways on Saturday. As many have said, just think of all the yelling as us, your fans, cheering for you!!!!


    Great job Matt! Everyone back home in Midwest City is pulling for you! We’re gonna have a world series watch party at Stephen Alexander’s house to root ya on!!!! Go Dodgers!!!!!


    Great job Matt! Everyone back home in Midwest City is pulling for you! We’re gonna have a world series watch party at Stephen Alexander’s house to root ya on!!!! Go Dodgers!!!!!

  18. trueblueflip

    Yesterday’s game was phenomenal to watch. As soon as Loney’s ball fumbled out of the dreaded Holliday’s posession I new I was going to witness some magic. I was stressing out during Blake’s at bat but he fought a tough fight and won. When Belliard came up, a customer of mine at this bar I tend at started dissing him because he struck out in his last at bat, and obviously she had not seen Ronnie in action since you guys picked him up. I told her to chill out and keep watching the boy cuz the boy is good. I thought he’d have a longer at bat but he got it done in the first pitch (or was it the second?) Anyway it was pretty early. Then some ornery Cards fan who’s been taking jabs at me all night decided he needed a beer and some girlie shots so I missed Martin’s at bat. By the time I was done Loretta was up, fouled the first pitch, then for moment I kinda thought Rasmus the nightmare rookie caught the ball but then I realized it had dropped when the whole joint either cheered or groaned. I started screaming my head off. That was a great moment in baseball for me, just as much a your two-run jack the day before.
    I’ve been following you play since your days in Vegas( I miss having triple-A here!)and you were a shining star then. Your light is just a lot clearer now. Kick *** in St. Louis!


    “WOW”……..what a great win Matt! This is our year!!! Let’s wrap this up tomorrow night in St. Louis!!!

    P.S. Can’t wait for another champagne celebration and I definitely won’t be mad if you take off your shirt again because you are totally hot!!! LOL!


  20. fan7

    Matty, both games were awesome! You guys rock. GB Girl loves Dodger Blue, a true fan forever! Get em in St. Louis! We will be cheering you on.!!!!! MWA!!!!!!!!!!


    My first game at Dodger stadium was on July 4th 1962, when my Dad took my brother and me. I’ve seen a lot of games.

    Last night’s game was one of those you hope you someday to experience. Everybody in my section was laughing and clapping and high-fiving. Incredible!!!

  22. cpompe1

    Hey Matty!
    I was at last night’s game!!! WOW!!! We were sitting WAY in LF, just inside the foul pole. Matt Holliday was right in front of us, and I thought for sure he was going to catch that ball. But he didn’t, and I said, “Thx for the gift Holliday!” But of course that wasn’t the entire end of the game. If any of the guys after Loney’s ball, at best the game would go into extra inning or at worst, we still would’ve lost. It was just soooo fun last night!

    Hope all of our Beloved Boys in Blue have a great flight to St. Louis!!! Sweep ’em!!!



    I agree! We have been doing it all season long. Great teamwork!
    It was a memorable evening. Have a great trip.

  24. kayinla2u

    What a great, unforgettable ending to the game last night.

    Matt, thank you. It is so special that you are blogging the post-season. You are always in it, you are always a threat. Way to go, Dodgers, my team forever.

    I BELIEVE!!!

  25. devilabrit

    I love to read the fans of other clubs rejoicing and celbrating how good their team is to win, even when it was a gross error by the opposing team that gave them the opportunity to win…happy travels to the Red Birds house…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In


    Oh wow I just found out you had a Blog! Well then I have to tell you THANK you for the whole season not just the INCREDIBLE win I was there to witness yesterday! I have been a Dodger fan since birth and this season is a special one! I never give up on you guys! NEVER! Thank you for letting me turn to the Card fans in back of me and rubbing it in (ok there were a few “words” excahnged) but it felt sooo good! LOL I will be with you guys in Spirit in St Louis! GO DODGERS! I BELIVE BABY! I BELIEVE!

  27. Dodger4life

    BRING THIS HOME TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MAKE IT A HAPPY FLIGHT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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